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What is Interview People Online and why should I use it?

InterviewPeopleOnline is an international online recruitment service that provides a fast, efficient means of short-listing first round candidates via remote 3D avatar-led interviewing. This 21st century alternative to traditional methods of sifting and selection, offers Hirers of all sizes and from all industry sectors the opportunity to interview candidates without Hirers being present and to review recorded video answers at their convenience. Its USP is the use of 3D avatars to represent Hirers in asking questions in a simulated face-to-face interview environment. Avatars will do so in a consistent and unbiased fashion, thereby being fair to all candidates and providing Hirers with a superior and rapid means of selecting the final few for face-to-face interviews. Hirers will benefit from over 75% cost savings and up to 10 times people-costs, when compared to first round traditional interviewing methods, as well as the opportunity-cost of recovering this time to spend on other responsibilities.

How does Video Interviewing work?

Interview People Online provides an asynchronous interviewing platform that enables Hirers to conduct remote online interviews without being present. Typically, but not exclusively, the service is of most benefit in first round sifting / selection. Hirers set up an Interview in minutes. Invited candidates answer the set questions, asked by a 3D Avatar, using their personal webcams at a time to suit them. Video answers are recorded and stored automatically. Hirers review recorded answers at their convenience and make their selections fast and efficiently.

The process is straightforward.

  1. Register and activate your account for immediate use
  2. Log-In to create an Interview.
  3. Hirer chooses an Avatar to represent them (click on the arrow button on the right of the displayed avatar to see full list)
  4. Choose Questions from Interview People Online’s databank (all have pre-set time limits of 2 mins per question)


  1. Add any of your own Questions (type question and add your own time limit; 15 secs to 5 mins)
  2. Hirer places their white-labelled Portal.URL link in their advertisement and candidates simply click on the link to be taken to their interview OR Load your Candidate’s email addresses as part of the Interview set up and send candidates an email invitation to register and sit the Interview.
  3. Candidates access the interview with their personal webcams. Candidates sit interview and

video answers are recorded and stored in Hirers’ ‘My Account’.

  1. Log-in to review stored Interviews (see whole interview or choose individual questions to view)
  2. Review, Score, Rank and Shortlist in minutes.
What are the advantages of remote online interviewing over traditional methods?

Time. Cost. Convenience. Speed to Hire…we could go on, but why not experience it for yourself by trying our 15 days free trial or simply ask for a no obligation 20 min demo? Interview People Online’s research indicates that it can take as much as ten times fewer person hours in using video interviewing for first round selection over traditional methods. With Video Interviewing, there is no need to sift and select CV’s, phone screen, set up and schedule appointments in your own diary, book meeting rooms or arrange travel to remote sites. Most importantly, you do not have to sit through every interview. Once you have set up the interview for your vacancy (5 mins to 20 mins), you need only then review candidates’ video answers and, even here, you have complete control over how much of any interview you wish to see. If you prefer, you can choose to listen / view selected key questions only, to help you make your decision and you can opt in and out of any interview as often as you like. Fast, easy and convenient. Arguably, you also benefit from better quality candidates for your final few face-to-face interviews. Read a CV on its own and that’s all you have…you cannot judge personality from a piece of paper; watch a short video interview though and see and hear your candidates answering your targeted questions. Interview People Online provides you with a fast, reliable, unbiased insight on your candidates, so you can feel confident in evaluating and selecting the most appropriate candidates to meet in person.

Why have you used Avatars to ask the questions?

Interview People Online wanted to replicate an interview setting as closely as possible without having to have a human interviewer present and which would allow all candidates to be treated equally. Moreover, research done by Stanford University’s Centre for the Study of Language and Information in 2010 found that 83% of people are more likely to be honest when engaging with characters as opposed to humans in interactive sessions. Using a 3D Avatar to ask the same set of predetermined questions removes bias from the interview and ensures consistency and fairness, no matter how many candidates are interviewed. We believe that our consistent, unbiased and honest interview process potentially offers Hirers a consequential improvement in outcome whilst promoting their organisation as a modern, forward-thinking enterprise.

How much does this service cost?

We offer a range of options to suit all requirements. Prices start from just £99 per role. We’ll be happy to tailor pricing to match your needs. Just give us a call.

How much time does it take to set-up each Interview?

Clearly the amount of savings varies from company to company, depending on how they conduct first round interviews, but our research indicates that it will at least halve your current expenditure and is more likely to be a savings upwards of 75%. In addition to the monetary savings though, this service will save you big chunks of time and effectively give you that time back to use as you deem appropriate.

How much time will I save using Interview People Online over traditional methods?

To some extent, how long is a piece of string? It depends on a number of factors that will vary from company to company. However, Interview People Online’s’ research indicates that it may take as much as ten times fewer person hours in using video interviewing for first round selection over traditional methods. With Video Interviewing, there is no need to sift and select CV’s, phone screen, schedule appointments, book meeting rooms or arrange travel to remote sites. Most importantly, you do not have to sit through every interview. Once you have set up the interview for your vacancy (5 mins to 15 mins), you need only then review candidates’ answers and, even here, you have complete control over how much of any interview you wish to see. You can choose to listen / view selected key questions, if you prefer, to help you make your decision and you can opt in and out of any interview as often as you like.

Equally, you can invite colleagues to review selected candidates electronically as well. They also have the opportunity to review at their convenience so optimising their time availability.

How are Candidates aware that they have been invited to take an Interview?

Once you have set up your Vacancy Interview, simply send your listed Candidates’ an email inviting them to register at REGISTER. The system will recognise their email address and link them immediately to the vacancy interview details. We could do this for you, but we felt you would want to put your own message and corporate brand on your personal invitation. OR Open a White-labelled Portal, which we will facilitate, which gives you an opportunity to include corporate branding videos…then include the Portal URL in your job advertisement. Candidates clicking on this link will be taken directly to your Portal and can select the relevant interview from the drop-down.

How do I know when Candidates have taken their interview?

Interview People Online will send you an email each time a candidate completes their interview. Alternatively, just log in to ‘My Account’, select your Organisation from the drop down menu and click on ‘Review Current Campaigns’. You will see a summary list of the Vacancy positions you have running and the number of candidates invited, as well as the number who have completed the interview. If you wish to go further at this stage, click the select button and you will get a detailed list of candidates and their progress.

How do I review recorded interviews?

Just log in to ‘My Account’, select your Organisation from the drop down menu and click on ‘Review Current Campaigns’. You will see a summary list of the Vacancy positions you have running and the number of candidates invited, as well as the number who have completed the interview. Click the select button next to the Vacancy you wish to review and you will get a detailed list of candidates and their progress. Click on any candidate and their recorded interview will be available for you to review question by question.

Do I have to listen to the whole interview?

The short answer is, No. You may of course listen to the whole interview, if you wish, but the choice is yours. Interview People Online has set up the review process to enable Hirers to choose which questions they wish to review. You may decide to use this feature to apply a further immediate ‘sifting’ element to your selection process by only choosing one or more key / critical questions and then judge from those answers from which candidates you want to hear more.

How do I amend the details of an existing interview?

Before candidates have started to take their interview, you have full control over changing any of the details, including interview questions, selecting a different avatar to pose the questions on your behalf, and assigning or removing candidates. However, once any candidate has started their interview no further changes can be made, in the interest of fairness and equality to all.

Can I use the same Interview set-up more than once?

Yes you can. Click on ‘My Account’ and select your Organisation from the drop-down menu. Click on ‘Maintenance’. Give the Vacancy a new title, make any changes to the choice of avatar you wish, and change the candidate details. Press the Save button at the bottom of your screen. The new interview name will then appear in the drop down menu under the name of your Organisation. If you wish to also change the questions for this new Interview click on the Interview Question drop down menu under the picture of the avatar and make the appropriate changes. Otherwise, the same questions will be retained for this new Interview.

Can I use the same questions for subsequent similar vacancies?

Yes you can. Click on ‘My Account’ and select your Organisation from the drop-down menu. Click on ‘Maintain your Interview Questions’. Select the Interview Questions you would like to edit / copy from the drop down menu. You can alter your Interview Title and description. Click ‘Save’ to commit your changes or you can ‘Save Copy as New’ if you want to use this interview and its Questions as the basis for a new Vacancy. On the ‘Interview Questions’ tab, you can choose which Questions should be used in this Interview.

Is it possible to make notes online as I review each Interview?

Interview People Online is committed to developing additional features to assist Hirers with the fast and efficient selection of candidates. Online note taking is being developed and will be available in version 2 to be released later this year.

Can I share recorded interviews with my colleagues?

Yes you can. Your colleague simply has to register with their own log-in details (which will necessarily include the name of your organisation). This will automatically link them to your interviews. Then they simply click on ‘Review Current Campaigns’ where they will see a summary list of the Vacancy positions and the number of candidates invited, as well as the number who have completed the interview. Click the select button next to the Vacancy they wish to review and they will get a detailed list of candidates and their progress. They can then click on the candidates which you have asked them to review.

How do I notify Candidates that they have been successful?

You will need to contact the candidates you have decided to short-list directly to let them know the next step in your process.

How do I notify Candidates that they have been unsuccessful?

You will need to contact those candidates directly to let them know that they have been unsuccessful on this occasion.

What happens if I can’t hear the Candidate’s answers?

Interview People Online has given candidates clear instructions on the use of their personal webcams and computers to assist them in making good quality video answers. They are encouraged to check their voice levels and their video image before commencing the interview. The candidate is solely responsible for accessing the use of computer equipment and internet bandwidth connectivity sufficient to enable video streaming uploading of appropriate quality for storage and review. Given the importance of the interview to them and these instructions we would expect most candidates to ensure compliance. However, if you still cannot hear their answers and feel that it is important to do so, you can re-invite them to sit the interview again. However, you will need to add a new email address to the Vacancy set-up maintenance section of ‘My Account’ which they have supplied you with and ask them to use this new email address to re-register for the Interview..

Are the numbers of users per Account limited?

Yes. Your account is unique to you for security and confidentiality reasons. However, any number of colleagues can be invited to share and review your interviews, but it will depend on the pricing option you have chosen. Colleagues simply need to register with their own details (selecting your organisation as part of their registration process) and they will then have access to the recorded interviews of all candidates who have sat an interview for a vacancy in your organisation.

My password does not work.

We would advise you to keep a copy / note of your password separately and securely. In the event that you misplace this or your password does not work for any reason, simply press the ‘forgotten password’ button on the registration page and you will be sent an email with a new password, which the system will generate autonomously. Please note; for security reasons we do not keep a list of passwords.

How long do recorded interviews stay on the site?

Interview People Online will retain recorded interviews for 6 months unless you specifically request in writing that they be kept for up to a maximum of one year. If you need longer than this, please let us know. If your Account is deactivated for any reason your recorded interviews will automatically be deleted from the archives.

Is video interviewing a good substitute for face-to-face interviews?

We would, of course, always recommend that face-to-face interviews be conducted before offering a candidate the job. However, there is seldom a need to meet the entire candidate selection pool, which would take hours and often wastes your valuable time. Video interviewing with Interview People Online is a fast and effective alternative to traditional first round CV selection, phone screening or face to face interviews. Our online job interview process enables you to see and listen to numerous candidates answer your pre-set questions in a matter of minutes without you having to be present for any interview.

What benefits does a video interview offer over a CV for screening candidates?

Speed, Time, Cost, Consistency are just a few. A typical CV provides you with facts, but little insight into personality. Interview People Online allows you to see and hear your prospective employees, to probe behind the printed word to validate skills, and to understand motivation and context.  Video Interviewing ensures fairness and provides consistency. All candidates in the process answer the same questions from the same avatar for a particular job and have the same time allocated for their responses, which provides a uniform, structured and unbiased approach to subsequently select the most appropriate candidates for face-to-face interviews.

How secure is a video job interview and who can view it?

InterviewPeopleOnline uses reasonable efforts to protect your Personal Information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and/or destruction.  We have built our entire technology system so that neither interviewing companies nor job candidates can access company or candidate information without an appropriate password and we have installed firewalls to help prevent external access into our network. Your privacy is important to us and if you would like to find out more, please read our terms and conditions.

How do my candidates take their video interview and what equipment do they need?

Candidates need access to a computer (PC or laptop), the internet and a webcam (most laptops have a built in webcam). They can also use their smartphones and tablets, although we do not recommend this unless essential, because of the small screens in making a good impression. Also, because of the variety and vagaries of different browsers in smartphones, we are unable to use the avatars through this medium. The questions you have chosen will appear in print only on smartphones. The candidate is solely responsible for accessing the use of computer equipment and internet bandwidth connectivity sufficient to enable video streaming uploading of appropriate quality for storage and review. They also need a quiet area and privacy so that they can concentrate on their answers without distraction. As this is not a two-way conversation and therefore does not require you to be online at the same time, candidates can take the interview when and where it suits them. To take the interview, the Hirer sends candidates an email inviting them to register at REGISTER with the same email address the Hirer has used in the Interview set-up. OR provide them with the URL link to your white-label portal. The candidate will then automatically be linked to that interview. It’s an intuitive user process and when the candidate completes the interview, you will receive an email to let you know that the interview is ready for review.

My company processes very large numbers of candidates. Can Interview People Online handle this requirement?

Interview People Online is able to handle from small businesses with limited staff turnover to international organisations with thousands of candidates. Video interviewing becomes even more efficient and cost effective when processing volume candidates concurrently. If you have particular needs or concerns please contact us at [email protected]

Are video job interviews compliant with equality and discrimination legislation?

The subject of compliancy of video interviews with equality and discrimination legislation has not been documented in the UK. However, in the US, the EEOC (US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) ruled that watching a video clip of a candidate is no different than ascertaining race, religion, sex or origin from reading a CV and discovering the same information.

Interview People Online provides a consistent, unbiased interview process. All candidates in the process answer the same questions for a particular job from the same avatar and have the same time allocated for their responses, which provides a uniform, structured approach to select the most appropriate candidates for face-to-face interviews. Emotion, prejudices and bias are removed from the question-asking process.

How I do know if video interviewing will work?

Interview People Online gives you 15 days free trial with our compliments to try it out internally or on a short test to see the benefits for yourself without commitment.  Video job interviews are being used by many companies around the globe, and in the last two years there has been a significant increase in adoption as employers recognise the benefits of this innovative recruitment tool. Large employers such as Walmart, Manpower, Starbucks, Red Bull, Easy Jet and the European Employment Services are a sample of organisations already enjoying the benefits. Research conducted by Stanford University suggests that candidates will welcome the opportunity to engage with avatars and will do so honestly and openly. Candidates are also likely to welcome this modern alternative to face-to-face interviewing, saving them time and money in travelling costs.

What level of support does Interview People Online provide?

Interview People Online greatly values you and your candidates, and customer service is a high priority. We have built an intuitive, easy-to-use system which should not break down. However, if you require assistance or if there are any technical glitches that you or your candidates experience whilst using our video interview service and you cannot find the answer in our FAQ’s, please email us at  [email protected]  and we will respond within 12 working hours.

After my candidates have recorded their video interview, what happens next?

You will be notified automatically by email as soon as each online job interview is completed. When it’s convenient, you simply login to Interview People Online to ‘My Account’ to access the stored recorded video answers from all candidates who have responded to your invitation. You can watch each video interview from start to finish, or if you prefer you can click onto a particular question and review each of the candidates’ responses. You can watch any part of the interview as many times as you like and move from one candidate video to the next at the click of a button. Once you have evaluated the candidates you can invite your shortlist for face-to-face interviews or invite a colleague electronically to offer a second opinion.

Can you integrate your video interview platform with our applicant tracking system (ATS)?

Yes, full integration is possible for most Applicant Tracking Systems. Interview People Online has been designed so that the video job interview platform can run independently, whether or not your organisation has an ATS system – such as Capterra; Oracle Taleo applicant tracking system or WCN recruitment solutions.

You have the opportunity to start using this video interviewing service instantly. If you would like to integrate the platform with your system to give you a fully automated screening solution, please email us at [email protected]

Can this interview platform be adapted to suit my particular needs?

InterviewPeopleOnline is committed to continuing to develop this platform and its features. Please let us know what additional features you would like to see to help you make your short-listing easier. In particular, if you would like a ‘bespoke’ site developed, complete with unique additional features, please let us know and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements with you.


Is Interview People Online a 'live' video service like Skype?

Interview People Online is not ‘live’. It is different to Skype because our screening tool records and stores recorded video interviews. Hirers do not need to be present for any interview, so providing a significant saving of person-hours. Further, they can click from one answer to the next or click from one candidate to the next, saving hours of review time and can easily share recorded interviews with colleagues to elicit a second opinion. In turn, candidates can record their online job interview whenever and wherever they want, so there is no need to schedule the interview around their work time.

Can candidates re-record answers to questions if a mistake is made?

The video interviewing system has been designed to replicate as closely as possible a real ‘face-to-face’ experience. Whilst the nuances of body language can be reserved for the final stages of the interviewing process, it is nonetheless important that hirers see as well as hear the initial and honest reaction to key questions. We believe that it is a vital part of the process that candidates cannot pause an interview to ‘ask a friend’ or research the optimum answer nor practice until they are ‘perfect’; none of which they would be able to do in a face-to-face setting. For that reason also, we have placed a time limit for answers to encourage a spontaneous response. However, we have built-in some flexibility by allowing Hirers to set their own time limits on the questions they add, and in extraordinary circumstances hirers can invite selected candidates to re-sit an interview at their discretion by adding a new email address to the Interview (See ‘Maintain Vacancies’)

Can video interviews be used for international interviewing?

Video interviewing is ideal for handling international interviewing. Hirers can dramatically reduce travel costs (and their environmental impact), as well as hotel accommodation and meeting room costs. Instead of flying in candidates for face-to-face interviews, you can now handle most of the process using Interview People Online. Video interviewing enables you to pin-point the best selection, and you can then decide to invite only one or two candidates for final interviews in person. In Version 2, to be released shortly, we will be adding the facility of multi-languages so that Hirers will be able to ask questions and listen to answers in a range of languages suitable to their target audience. In some cases, they may even choose to ask questions in one language whilst asking candidates to answer in English or vice versa.

Does Interview People Online work with any web browser?

Yes, Interview People Online has been designed to work with all web browsers and operating systems as long as you have Flash Player installed (this is standard for most computers). The browsers include: Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE7 to the latest IE11), Firefox and Safari. Please note that recorded interviews can be viewed on tablets and smart phones.

Do I have to sign a contract and are there implementation costs for video interviewing?

No, you don’t have to sign a contract and No, there are no implementation or start-up costs of any kind. In fact, we not only do not charge you to try us, we offer you 15 days trial completely free with our compliments and with no obligations. Only when you are satisfied at the tremendous savings of time and cost that our interviewing platform provides you with, over traditional methods of short-listing, do we invite you to consider your interviewing needs in terms of the number of candidates you want to sit your  interview and the number of questions you want to ask. Then simply choose the package that suits your needs.

I'm new to video interviews as a recruitment screening tool. Can I have a free trial?

Absolutely. We recognise that whilst this modern alternative to face-to-face interviewing and phone or CV screening is rapidly gaining traction with many SMEs and multi-nationals, it is still relatively new technology and we want you to be comfortable that it is right for you. Consequently, we are happy to offer you 15 days completely free and without obligation. Try it risk free with our compliments by clicking HERE

Can I use your video interviewing service if I post my vacant positions on a job board?

Yes. Interview People Online is adaptable. It doesn’t matter how you attract your candidates for a position. It could be via a job site, or the careers section on your company website or through a referral. Once you have set up your Interview and your white-label portal,  you simply invite candidates to record their online job interview by clicking on the URL link in your job advsertisement.

How do I schedule the online job interview time with candidates?

Interview People Online is not a live video interviewing system so candidates don’t have to be online at the same time as the interviewer. Candidates, who are invited to take the video job interview, log in at a time and place that suits them, and record their answers. There is no need for scheduling and all they need is a webcam, a computer and an internet connection. Hirers can then choose a time convenient to them to review their stored video answers.

What happens if a candidate does not have a webcam?

Most laptops these days have built-in webcams which a candidate may not even be aware of. If a candidate has never used the webcam facility, the Interview People Online system automatically detects whether a webcam is connected to a computer and enables the user to check video and sound quality. It’s a very easy process and you don’t have to be technical!

If there is no webcam on a candidate’s computer system, a webcam can be purchased very cheaply and typically can be delivered within hours. Alternatively, a candidate may choose to ‘borrow’ a computer / webcam from a friend, relative or colleague.

There is the opportunity as well to sit the interview on smartphones and tablets, albeit this is not the best method, given that it presents a small interactive screen. In addition, the interview on smartphones will not display the avatar… your questions will be in print form only.