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Candidiate – Frequently Asked Questions

Is video interviewing a substitute for face-to-face interviews?

Video interviewing with Interview People Online is a fast and effective alternative to traditional first round CV selection, phone screening or face to face interviews. Our online job interview process enables Organisations to see and listen to numerous candidates’ answer their pre-set questions in a matter of minutes without them having to be present for the interview. Interview People Online provides Organisations with a fast, reliable, unbiased insight on candidates, so they can feel confident in evaluating and selecting the most appropriate candidates to meet in person. From a candidate’s perspective, it saves the time and expense of travelling for a first round face-to-face interview.

Video interviewing sounds very hi-tech and scary?

Interview People Online is ‘hi-tech’, as we use advanced technology to provide this innovative service – but it’s not scary! We also use 3D Avatars to ask questions instead of a human, but research from Stanford University indicates that people are more likely to be ‘themselves’ when engaging with a character than they are with a human, so you will probably find this less stressful than a face-to-face across the table interaction. If you have not previously taken an online video interview or are not used to using a webcam then the concept may seem a bit awkward at first. Don’t worry. You will have an opportunity to check that your webcam is working (voice levels and visually) before you begin and to sit a ten-question practice ‘fun quiz’ before you start. Your answers to these questions will not be stored. They will, however, be played back to you to allow you to ‘see and hear’ how you will look and sound to your prospective employer. Use this opportunity to understand how the interview process works, to make sure you are looking at the webcam and that your voice levels are set correctly. If you need more practice, you may even wish to practice with a friend on Skype first. Once the Interview starts, the avatar will ask you a question; this question will also be written above the avatar in case you forget what the avatar asked. Each question will be timed (you will see the countdown on the screen), and the Organisation has set what they think is fair, plus it is the same for everyone. When you finish your answer, click your mouse and your answer will be saved and uploaded prior to the next question being asked. Do not worry if you forget to click; your answer will be saved when the countdown is complete for that question. When all the questions have been asked, simply log out. Your answers will be available to the Organisation to review. Your video job interview will give the employer much more insight on you as a person than a simple CV. And if you are a good fit for the job, you may well, of course, be invited for an interview in person.

How secure is a video job interview and who can view it?

Interview People Online’s system is designed with strict safety and security measures to protect candidates. All access is controlled by password. Further, a candidate’s video interview can only be reviewed by the hiring team of the organisation that the job relates to. Your privacy is important to us and if you would like to find out more, please read our Privacy Policy, as it relates to privacy.

What should I wear for my video job interview?

Presentation and first impressions are important. We recommend that you should dress as you would for a face-to-face interview. If you are unsure about what is appropriate, it is better to be slightly more formal than informal. You will have the opportunity to see how you appear on the video screen before you record your video interview. Also, an uncluttered backdrop around you will help create the right impression.

Can candidates re-record answers to questions if a mistake is made?

The video interviewing system has been designed to simulate as closely as possible a real ‘face-to-face’ experience. Whilst the nuances of body language can be reserved for the final stages of the selection process, it is nonetheless important that even at this early stage Organisations see as well as hear the initial and honest reaction to key questions. Consequently, we believe that it is a vital part of the process that candidates cannot pause / stop an interview to ‘ask a friend’ or research the optimum answer nor practice until they are ‘perfect’. For that reason also, we have placed a time limit for answers to encourage a spontaneous response. However, we have built-in some flexibility by allowing Organisations to set their own time limits on the questions they add. Our advice is to practice using your webcam with a friend asking you questions, even via Skype, until you are comfortable with the process. You may also wish to have your CV handy to refer to as well as other notes you may wish to make before sitting the interview.

Do you have any tips to offer to help me make a good first impression using video recording?

Preparation is very important. Choose a setting and a time which is quiet and that will allow you to complete the interview undisturbed by people or phones. You should dress as you would for a face-to-face interview. Make sure that your work area that is visible on webcam is uncluttered and tidy. Once you have confirmed your voice settings are correct, ensure that your face is fully visible and centred on your webcam and that there is no bright light (or sun) reflecting on the screen or putting your face in shadow. Engage with the Organisation by looking directly at your webcam when answering, so that the Organisation can see your eyes. Listen to the question carefully and answer clearly. Don’t get flustered if things go astray. You can pause the interview at any time, but be aware that the Avatar will start with the next question when you resume. If circumstances occur beyond your control which causes you not to be able to take or complete your interview, we recommend that you contact the Organisation directly. Good luck! You’ll do great.

Does Interview People Online work with any web browser

Yes, Interview People Online has been designed to work with all web browsers and operating systems as long as you have Flash Player installed (this is standard for most computers). The browsers include: Chrome, Internet

Explorer (IE7 to the latest IE11), Firefox and Safari. In Version 2, to be released shortly, we will be launching a video interviewing app for use on tablets.

What happens if I don't want to take a video interview

As a candidate, the invitation you receive to take your video job interview will be from the employer you have applied to. It’s good news for you if you have been invited, as it means that the employer is interested in pursuing your application. The video interview responses that you record are secure and can only be viewed by the employer. Bear in mind that other selected candidates will go through the same online job interview process as you, and once the video interviews are completed, the employer reviews and assesses the candidates for final selection. Video interviewing ensures fairness as all candidates for a particular job are given the same set of questions with the same amount of time allocated for each answer. This is your opportunity to ‘showcase’ yourself and let the employer know who you really are. If your application is only supported by your CV, you may miss out on a face-to-face interview later on.

What happens if a candidate does not have a webcam

Most laptops these days have built-in webcams which a candidate may not even be aware of. If a candidate has never used the webcam facility, the Interview People Online system automatically detects whether a webcam is connected to a computer and enables the user to check video and sound quality. It’s a very easy process and you don’t have to be technical!

If there is no webcam on a candidate’s computer system, a webcam can be purchased very cheaply and typically can be delivered within hours. Alternatively, a candidate may choose to ‘borrow’ a computer / webcam from a friend, relative or colleague.

My webcam does not seem to be working?

Please go to the ‘My Interview’ page and click on the Organisation who has invited you for an interview from the drop down list. A box should then appear to the right of this new screen and in it should be a smaller box with some writing. This is a permission box from Flash Player. Make sure you click on the ‘Allow’ button and the ‘Remember’ button and then press the ‘Close’ button. Your face should now appear! Record a message of anything you want to say to check on your voice levels. Listen to the playback and if happy, press ‘Continue’. Also check to see you are seated correctly so that your face is central in your webcam picture. Remember this is what the Organisation will see. If you do not appear at all then make sure your webcam is working independently of Interview People Online by running a test (most webcams allow you to do this) and / or call a friend on Skype. Once you are sure you have a working webcam, log back in and repeat the set-up procedure described above. It should only take you a couple of minutes