Time & Money

Innovative Features 

  • 24/7 ‘world-wide’ remote interviewing

  • Bespoke Questions

  • Time-limited Answers
  • Scoring, Ranking & Re-ranking options

  • Sharing of Shortlisted Candidate videos

  • ‘White-labelled’ bespoke Recruitment Portal


Speed to Hire increase


Cost of Filling Vacancy reduced


Cost of Travel & Meeting Rooms reduced


Screening Time reduced


Cost of Bad Hires reduced


Client Satisfaction increase


Let them tell you

How IPOL can Help You 

Guy Robertson

Candidate Review

World Merit

Client Review

Smaller Earth

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“FORE” Business

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“FORE” Business

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Fortis Residential

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Who’s using

Online Interviewing

What our Clients have to say about IPOL



“We loved the fact that candidates could take their video interviews at their convenience (many having another job which would have made attending an assessment or face-to-face during the day more difficult) and our staff really appreciated being able to review those recorded interviews when it suited them… often late at night. It gave us great flexibility and saved hugely on time and energy.”


L.F.C Recruitment Manager.


“Working with a community of over 100,000 young change-makers globally, scheduling and conducting interviews always required a lot of time and energy. With Interview People Online, our processes are much more streamlined, more effective and suited both our wishes and the participant’s superbly.


We could never have interviewed 360 Country ‘Ambassadors’ in different time zones without this process”. 

 General Manager, World Merit.



“We found the platform remarkably simple to use. It helped us fill our vacancy in a fraction of the normal time and at very low cost. Most importantly, it identified a quality candidate without fuss or wasted energy. Great process,


I’ll definitely be using Interview People Online to fill our next vacancy. It’s a no-brainer!”


Recruitment Manager, Smaller Earth


Simple to use

How IPOL can Help You 


  • Meet ‘Face-to-Face’ ONLY with committed HighValue Potential Employees
  • Attract Best Quality Candidates
  • Access & Select from widest geographical pool
  • Accelerate ‘Speed to Hire’

HOW to use IPOL


You can set up your first interview in minutes! 

Choose your Avatar >
Add your questions >
Invite your candidates >
Review their video answers >


Bespoke White Label

  • Branding / Corporate Identity
    Welcome Videos, Job listings, Thumbnail Job videos
  • Candidate sourcing, Pre-set Avatar-led Interview Sets
  • Full Review & Shortlisting tools
    ‘Best Candidates’ Shortlist; Favourites Library
  • Self-Managed & Fully Managed Options – Your choice!
  • Talent Pool – Handpicked Video Interviews of Best Candidates

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“We were so impressed, we added an IPOL video Interview as a module to our Post-Grad HR Students programme. As a process that they will be asked both to use in their job interviews and to then employ in their HR careers, this proved invaluable… simple to set-up; easy for them to take at their convenience; and invaluable for lecturers to be able to review and discuss with them. Excellent innovative way-forward”.
HR Head
Liverpool University

Start Your IPOL Project Today – FREE 15 DAY TRIAL